The brother-in-regulation of one of the guys critically injured in a fatal crash has defined a Snapchat video taken of the driving force moments earlier than the twist of fate as an act of stupidity.

Bandmates Dennis Sales, 44, and Ken Morrow, sixty-one, were touring home from a gig while an automobile veered into their direction in Berkshire Park in western Sydney early Sunday.

The motive force of the other automobile, Shania McNeill, 21, died inside the head-on crash, moments after she was captured on a Snapchat video driving inside the center of lanes while making a song to loud music.

Both guys suffered extreme accidents and can be compelled to spend prolonged break day paintings to recover.

Mr. Morrow suffered a shattered wrist whilst Mr. Sales remains in in-depth care with significant inner accidents.

He underwent a second spherical of predominant surgical procedure on Tuesday.

Both of the guys’ households have slammed the Snapchat video of Ms McNeill taken moments prior to the horrific crash.

‘As I’ve said to all of us, I’ve seen the video again and again and I cannot just make sense of the stupidity I’ve watched in that video,’ Mr. Morrow’s brother-in-regulation David Lee told informed Daily Mail Australia on Wednesday night time.

‘I wish younger humans will watch that video and pay attention to how it can become. It’s become the lives of our families the other way up. Getting at the back of the wheel is not a recreation. Young human beings need to recognize a vehicle is a weapon and they need to appreciate it.’

The Snapchat video became taken during the night time which begins with Shania dancing and mucking around with friends in a restroom several hours in advance.

The Snapchat video tale then cuts to a clip of the women in Shania’s car wherein she is visible taking swigs from a can at the same time as the vehicle is parked.

Later she is visible back behind the wheel riding within the center of lanes whilst making a song along to loud music.

At the cease of the clip, the buddy taking the video is heard screaming while Shania is seen riding on the other aspect of the street with an oncoming automobile’s headlights beaming in her route.

Mr. Sales has woken from a brought about coma however still wishes a ventilator to assist him to breathe.

‘He continues to be very, very unwell and could spend weeks in clinic,’ Mr. Lee told Daily Mail Australia.

‘Both households are doing hard and are finding it very hard to get their heads around what occurred. There aren’t any winners in what has came about.’

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