The Florida Supreme Court dominated that former Gainesville legal professional Christopher Chestnut will be disbarred in 30 days.
Former Gainesville lawyer Christopher Chestnut will quickly be disbarred, consistent with a Florida Supreme Court ruling issued Friday.
The circulate is hooked up to at least 3 separate Bar court cases lodged towards Chestnut over time. One of those court cases stems from the 2012 case of Emanuel Baker, a former Alachua County worker who suffered a catastrophic on-the-job coincidence that left him a quadriplegic with brain damage.
In a -page ruling from Supreme Court Clerk John A. Tomasino Friday afternoon, Chestnut could be disbarred 30 days from Friday in an effort to near out his exercise, the Atlanta-based totally Chestnut Law Firm, to guard the pastimes of existing customers. He additionally ought to pay The Florida Bar $28,000. He changed into also ordered to pay some other $2,000 related to some other lawsuit, which Chestnut said he paid years ago.
“I’ve been systematically and continually deprived due procedure,” Chestnut stated Friday. “Had I been given a truthful trial in the course of this technique, there could be no issue. There is fundamental trouble here with lawyers regulating lawyers.”
Chestnut can file for a rehearing but will continue to be disbarred until he wins his attraction, stated Bar spokeswoman Susannah Lyle.
A referee’s report issued in May 2017 advocated Chestnut be suspended for three years. The Supreme Court, which consolidated three lawsuits, overruled that, saying disbarment turned into warranted.
Among the motives for sanctions mentioned in the 2017 document protected: fake statements, fraud and misrepresentation, lack of candor, loss of competence, loss of diligence, failure to avoid a war of interest, failure to keep the customer’s integrity, failure to hold private integrity and abuse of criminal manner. Each offense could carry disbarment as a penalty.
Chestnut, but, argues that the cases have been dealt with through other legal professionals inside his company and said a number of the rulings are unparalleled. He additionally stated he wasn’t allowed to offer his case and said the Bar treats black legal professionals unfairly in comparison with whites.
“I’ve been held to a separate popular,” he stated. “The Florida Bar has always violated their regulations to prosecute me.”
One of the cases regarding Chestnut dates again to July 2012. LaKay Smith contacted the Chestnut Law Firm to are looking for help in pursuing a wrongful demise lawsuit after her son, Charles Smith, changed into killed in a condominium hearth in Woodbine, Georgia. Chestnut signed a settlement for his firm to symbolize Smith. However, it wasn’t until more than two years later, after the statute of limitations passed, that the company knowledgeable Smith that they might no longer report a suit on her behalf, in line with the Florida Bar.
Chestnut stated Friday that he didn’t draft the settlement and that he didn’t get pivotal records regarding the case until after criminal research became complete, which turned into a few months before the statute of obstacles ended. Chestnut said his firm decided not to prosecute because the victim became killed in a drug deal gone wrong.
“The cases they’re prosecuting me on had been instances controlled with the aid of legal professionals in my firm,” he said. “They aren’t even stated in any of the cases. If they’re going to disbar me, then they’re going to want to disbar each different attorney who advertises.”
Also in 2012, Emanuel Baker, who labored for Alachua County Public Works, turned into part of a team in Micanopy that became clear a tree that had fallen on County Road 234 while one of the limbs snagged an electricity line and toppled a pole. The pole hit Baker, who become positioned on lifestyles guide however subsequently pulled through.
While in the hospital, Baker’s wife and Chestnut had a settlement that he might be paid 28% of any agreement of cash recovered in a lawsuit in opposition to AT&T and Osmose Utility, although Baker didn’t have the authority to sign the settlement.
Months later, Chestnut’s proportion became bumped up to forty% and extra case-related prices had been added. The case settled for $8 million.
The Baker family later filed healthy in opposition to Chestnut, pronouncing the 40% handed limits on felony costs mandated by the Florida Bar, until granted permission. Chestnut later requested a better price from the courts and said that his customers will in all likelihood claim they didn’t absolutely understand their rights, the record said.
The family additionally contended that Baker’s spouse was in no condition to signal the contracts and that Chestnut used deception to get her to sign. The 2017 referee’s report says that the Bakers weren’t given copies of the documents and weren’t given proof of what they were signing.
In 2015, Baker, then represented by means of Gainesville legal professional Robert Rush, received there in shape in opposition to Chestnut, earning greater than $3 million. Chestnut’s proportion from the original case dwindled from $three.6 million to about $600,000.
Before the case went to trial, although, a complaint turned into filed against Chestnut calling for his on the spot suspension from the Bar, which becomes denied. In his reaction to the criticism, Chestnut claimed that Rush and a Florida Bar board member had previously informed Chestnut to settle a high-profile case. Chestnut, in the end, gained the case and says it ignited “a battle” between him and the Bar.

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