“Judiciary has no longer exactly blanketed itself in glory with regards to (sexual harassment)proceedings by ladies. And mainly when they are accusing guys in high positions. Most of the ladies complainants have had no redressal from the criminal system”, said Rebecca M. John, Senior Advocate, in an interview with Live Law.
The senior lawyer expressed astonishment on the reports that some judges had voiced apprehensions about attractive girls personnel within the wake of sexual harassment allegations against the Chief Justice of India. She confused the need for more gender balance and degree gambling subject for ladies in the gadget
“Pushing women out of the place of business isn’t the answer. The answer is addressing the basic purpose of the trouble and the foundation-cause of the trouble appears to be a terrific sexual imbalance in the system. By pushing them out you are simplest perpetrating that sexual imbalance”, she stated.
She also criticized the trend of branding people who question the system as “institutional disrupters”.
“We question the device to bolster the system and not to undermine it in any manner…We improve questions due to the fact we price our establishments. To say that once I am raising an assignment I turn out to be a disrupter is an insult to the institution and to me as a member of the organization”, said the senior crook lawyer who has handled excellent instances consisting of Arushi Talwar, Hashimpura, 2G trial, and many others.
Based on her studies as an external member of the Internal Complaints Committee installation by means of the Delhi High Court, she elaborated on the want to study the Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Workplace Act to encompass relationships which fall outside the traditional enterprise-worker framework.
Referring to the “me too” motion, she said the truth that girls had to take to social media in search for closure and justice indicated a failure of criminal structures the world over.
“I suppose the truth that social media become used now not simply in India however the world over is a testimony to the reality that criminal systems across the world have failed ladies and the establishment’s installation to guard women have not absolutely finished their task”, she commented.
Excerpts from the interview:
Do you observe that the judicial machine and prison profession have normalized and internalized sexism and misogyny?
That’s especially true. It is very clean. Sometimes you see an onslaught of it, once in a while, you suspect it receives higher. But the fact is that there’s sexism inside the judicial machine. It has usually existed, in many ways; and it is worse now.
You are announcing that sexism in the judicial device has become worse now. How is it so?
Well in the earlier days there had been no longer so many ladies who were working towards. It turned into a male domain. Today, while the woman is pushing the bounds in the prison gadget and courtroom rooms, I assume sexism is one backlash they face.
After the sexual harassment allegations against the CJI, there were reviews that judges have expressed apprehensions about employing women body of workers and attractive girls regulation clerks. What is your reaction to this?
I am a little surprised that something like this can be said. I do not know whether this has in reality been stated or if it’s miles most effective a file with none basis. But if it is indeed a fear that has been expressed, I can simplest remind the judges that below the Indian Constitution, girls are entitled to equality. Women are entitled to same, honest, level gambling field on the subject of their place of work.
Pushing ladies out of the administrative center is not the answer. The answer is addressing the basic purpose of the hassle and the basis-motive of the trouble appears to be the fantastic sexual imbalance inside the device. By pushing them out you’re simplest perpetrating that sexual imbalance.
I even have in truth heard of many regulation chambers, such as a few very reputed regulation chambers, in which girls are not welcome as juniors or buddies… And I am an increasing number of hearing that now. That again is an unhappy component. Because as lawyers we too are sure to uphold the Constitution and if our personal regulation chambers do exclude women, then it’s far unfortunate.

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