Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta is defending his role inside the plea deal that protected financier Jeffrey Epstein from sex-trafficking expenses greater than a decade ago. In a press conference the day past, Acosta declined to express regret to sufferers for crafting that deal that gave Epstein just thirteen months of confinement and stored sufferers within the darkish.


ALEX ACOSTA: We now have 12 years of information and hindsight. And we live in a completely one of a kind global. Today’s global treats victims very, very in a different way.

MARTIN: Now, some of the ones alleged Florida sufferers and their representatives are speaking out. Spencer Kuvin is litigation director on the Law Offices of Craig Goldenfarb in West Palm Beach, Fla. And he represented 3 sufferers within the unique case in opposition to Epstein. He joins us now. Thanks a lot for being with us.

SPENCER KUVIN: My pride. Thank you for having me.

MARTIN: Do the victims you represented returned then feel vindicated now in mild of the Epstein indictment and expenses in New York?

KUVIN: I can let you know that – and currently speaking with at least one of these victims, she could be very ecstatic that he is now in the back of bars but additionally very pissed off at how matters performed out those a few years ago. And she feels that Mr. Acosta’s workplace definitely did no longer take care of the sufferers as a lot as he appears to be main directly to now.

MARTIN: What need to we apprehend about the case against Epstein in 2008?

KUVIN: Back in 2008, that they had over forty ladies that we recognize of, that the FBI had spoken to and interviewed. And despite that, they’d only talked with simplest about two or 3 on the U.S. Legal professional’s workplace. And then they determined, for a few cause, to shelve the entirety and give him a sweetheart deal that allowed him out almost eight hours a day throughout the day. And essentially, he only slept in prison at nights and then for the duration of the weekends and that was it.

MARTIN: So it is your notion that the legal professionals again then, such as Alex Acosta, simply didn’t pursue the evidence.

KUVIN: I realize he didn’t. In fact, we have been trying, as advocates on behalf of the sufferers, to touch his workplace and talk to him and find out what they had been doing and how it became going and what turned into taking place. And they continually saved us inside the dark – us and the victims – and in no way knowledgeable us approximately what changed into occurring.

MARTIN: What did you make of the labor secretary’s comments the day prior to this?

KUVIN: I literally – even as I was looking it, I laughed out loud at a couple of factors. You know, the sufferers which are being introduced forward now by the Southern District of New York, those victims existed at the time that Acosta was investigating his case, but but he nonetheless appears to say that that is new proof. Basically, it is proof that he did not find. His workplace didn’t locate these other victims that existed in New York. And now he is saying it is come what may new, but it simply points out his very own office’s screw ups.

MARTIN: Do you believe you studied there’s a risk that the women you represented in that Florida case – should any of them come forward to testify publicly if Epstein is going to trial in New York?

KUVIN: I realize for a fact that certainly one of them has told me that she is ready, inclined and able to testify if they want her to accomplish that. We’ve spoken with the U.S. Legal professional’s workplace out of their local workplace in Atlanta as recent as remaining month due to Judge Marra, down right here on the federal court, nullifying the non-prosecution agreement. So due to that, you know, we’re willing to testify and that they want to return forward.

MARTIN: Spencer Kuvin. He represented 3 of the alleged victims in Jeffrey Epstein’s sexual abuse case in Florida more than a decade ago. Thank you a lot on your time this morning. We admire it.

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