Year in and yr out, we watch law company after law firm pay lip service to their commitment to variety in the criminal profession, with guarantees to position girls legal professionals on identical footing with their male counterparts, whether or not it’s via hiring and retaining greater ladies lawyers, promoting greater women legal professionals to fairness partnership ranks, providing more leadership positions to ladies legal professionals, or adopting extra family-friendly rules to ensure that women legal professionals are able to excel at their jobs while maintaining a solid work/lifestyles stability. Despite these continued assurances, and regardless of the fact that some companies have made exquisite efforts to improve women’s statue inside the regulation, there may be nevertheless a great deal greater to be done.

Today, Working Mother released its twelfth annual list of the 60 Best Law Firms for Women. These law firms are considered pioneers inside the subject on the subject of attracting, preserving, and promoting women legal professionals. These regulation firms now not simplest stand out as being family-friendly offices, but in addition, they make certain that girls shine in their equity partnership ranks.

With on-campus interview season arising quickly, these regulation corporations are places you might want to paintings. Which companies made the cut for this 12 months’ ranking?

To earn themselves a niche on the Working Mother Best Law Firms list, self-decided on applicant companies with 50 or greater lawyers ought to complete an in-depth software (greater than 300 questions lengthy) with topics ranging from attorney illustration, schedule flexibility, paid time without work and parental leaves, and

development and retention of ladies. Working Mother then selected the 60 great companies based totally on records furnished by the one’s firms from the year 2018. According to Meredith Bodgas, editor-in-leader of Working Mother, “It’s heartening to see the development ladies legal professionals are making at companies committed to completely using those legal professionals’ abilities. The conflict for expertise is increasing incentives for law firms to spend money on keeping ladies lawyers, which is why we’re seeing extra girls’ projects and parental-assist businesses. By highlighting what our pinnacle companies are doing, we hope others inside the legal network will comply with.”

Here are some of the interesting consequences gleaned from Working Mother’s take a look at:
For analysis of problems concerning women within the Biglaw personnel with the aid of the numbers — like percentage of fairness partners who are ladies, percentage of new hires who’re girls, and whether or not corporations provide formal sponsorship for high-capacity women legal professionals — click on here to look the have a look at’s mixture facts precis.

Congratulations are in order for all the companies returning to the list this yr, as well as the companies which can be new to the 2019 listing. Way to symbolize your girl’s lawyers!

Now we’ll flip this dialogue over to our readers. If your company didn’t make the reduce, do you think it has to have? If your company did make the cut, was it deserved? What can be completed to enhance work/lifestyles stability for women and operating mothers? If you’d like to allow us to know what you observed, you may electronic mail us, text us at (646) 820-8477, or tweet us @atlblog. Congratulations to all the law firms that made this vital ranking!

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