With as many as 50 in keeping with cent of all marriages in the United States ending in divorce, marriage doesn’t appear to be the institution it once changed into. After the honeymoon duration is over, more and more couples are coming across they are not the best suit they first imagined — and whilst no one should stay in a relationship that they do not need to, getting divorced (similar to getting married) isn’t something to do on a whim. In a thread on Reddit, divorce lawyers have been sharing a number of the prettiest, meanest and downright strangest motives their clients have given for trying to cut up.

Judging from some comments, a stunning variety of marriages don’t even make it past the wedding night time. “The groom had an argument with the brand new in-legal guidelines throughout the wedding and moved out at around five am in the course of the primary night time,” stated one attorney. “He got under the influence of alcohol at the marriage, she did not like it, and determined to divorce him properly after the honeymoon (which she went to without him),” said every other.

Other nuptials survived past the wedding, but fell apart over pretty minor issues, as this prison assistant recalled: “This girl divorced her husband of two months because he was given her an iPad case for her birthday as opposed to the costly jewelry she desired.”

Another customer cited that his spouse changed into “one of these loud chewers at the dinner table” that he “developed a complicated” and “literally wished out as he could not endure devouring together with her.” One husband became satisfied that his spouse was “trying to position a curse on him.” Then there was the spouse who in reality informed her attorney: “The canine he offered me pissed on the carpet.”

All of these minor infractions in all likelihood say more about the individual filing for divorce than they do approximately the partner. But then there have been cases wherein extreme wrongdoing was worried — although even these involved a hint of the surreal.

“When I changed into working on the DA’s office, there was a female who had sex with her son’s 15-year antique friend,” reads one remark. “The awkward component was that the husband became the high school baseball instruct for both of the boys. My task on the time worried going through the proof, inclusive of all of the text messages, where they sooner or later determined upon divorce. The most effective factor I definitely remember is that the man interrupted the text conversation approximately the affair to say “BRB. I’m going to get a McRib.” The texting resumed approximately 40 mins later.”

One of the maximum shocking replies worried a husband who desired to carry his love of firearms into the bedroom — actually. “I worked for a regulation office where the owner might speak about the person who sued for divorce due to the fact his wife could not allow him to apply a loaded gun as a ‘marital aid,'” stated the commenter. “She had reputedly agreed to it sooner or later, and become pleased with the gun as long as it was empty, but that simply wasn’t good sufficient for him.”

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