Women who breastfeed in public and at work are absolutely blanketed beneath Irish law.

Under The Equal Status Acts 2000-2015, moms who breastfeed in public are covered from discrimination underneath the gender and own family reputation provisions of the act.

Although the law does now not in particular kingdom whether or not it’s far illegal to request a girl to cowl up at the same time as breastfeeding, the acts limit against “direct and indirect discrimination, victimisation and harassment”.

“Harassment is unwanted behavior associated with any of the included grounds, which has the cause or effect of violating someone’s dignity and creating an intimidating, opposed, degrading, humiliating or offensive surroundings for the man or woman,” in keeping with a statement from the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission.

Women are also protected below the Maternity Protection (Amendment) Act 2004 to breastfeed at paintings. All women who’ve given beginning inside the preceding 6th months are entitled to take an hour off each day with pay so one can breastfeed for as much as 26 weeks after the birth in their infant.

However, they’re additionally required to inform their employers in writing of their intention to accomplish that at least 4 weeks earlier than they go back to paintings.

Meanwhile, Irish airlines yesterday moved to make clear their regulations on mothers breastfeeding on board their flights.

It follows a controversy that erupted while Dutch airline KLM announced its coverage on breastfeeding via social media.

KLM stated breastfeeding turned into “accepted” on KLM flights whilst a Twitter user asked for explanation of the airline’s stance.

However, it added: “To ensure that all our passengers of all backgrounds experience relaxed on board, we may additionally request a mom to cowl herself whilst breastfeeding, ought to different passengers be angry by means of this.

“As an global airline enterprise, we delivery passengers with a spread of backgrounds. Not all passengers sense relaxed with breastfeeding in their location and from time to time these passengers complain to the cabin body of workers.”

The airline’s reaction generated an indignant response from some Twitter users.

However, Ireland’s two main airways the previous day said they welcome breastfeeding moms on board.

“Breastfeeding mothers are very welcome on board our flights… We’re a family friendly airline and there have never been any problems on board our flights,” stated a spokesperson for Aer Lingus.

“Our crew are notably skilled to deal with many situations, and they’re there to satisfy the visitors’ desires on board and make sure they’ve a pleasing and exciting flight.”

Similarly, a spokesperson for Ryanair stated breastfeeding mothers have been “very welcome” on board its flights.

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