People who make a scene at faculties to vent grievances and agitate for quicker and higher reimbursement after injuries related to students can be held accountable, the Ministry of Education and four other departments stated on Tuesday.

A joint guideline issued by the 5 departments stated faculties need to not rush to compensate the dad and mom of students injured or killed in such injuries and have to wait until the responsibility of every celebration is investigated and clarified through law enforcement authorities.

Government officials, organizations or individuals should not intrude in dispute agreement strategies to settle down the scenario or make the school shoulder greater responsibility, the guideline said.

The guiding principle listed many forms of disruptive conduct through human beings making scenes at colleges, together with: beatings; adverse or occupying faculty facilities; putting in barricades around schools; putting up defamatory posters; gambling funeral tune; pouring sewage round colleges; reducing electricity and water supplies; blocking off faculty gates; setting a student’s corpse at faculty; preventing students and instructors from leaving faculty; stalking, intimidating and insulting students and teachers; and bringing risky materials to highschool.

Public security authorities must preserve such people to account, with folks that commit crimes — especially people who incite others to make a larger scene at faculty — to face harsher punishment, the rule said.

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